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Telecaster Country Instrumental CD!

Eleven tunes packed with Manual bends, B-bender, Over the nut bends, Open runs, and Tele tricks! 

                    "Holy $h!t!! Twisty, bendy, impeccable, articulate and on and on. Great CD!! - Redd Volkaert

                    "Laughing with delight and surprise...bends and licks miraculously appear. Inventive, very impressive...
                          overall, technically impeccable and just plain fun to listen to. Wow!!" - Bob Warford 

                   "Fans of Telecasters B-Benders, and Country Music are going to love this one...Zipping through tunes...
                         McEwen shows considerable prowess without showing off." - John Heidt, Vintage Guitar

                                 "Good Grief, Paul; Glad I'm not playing anymore!! - Great Stuff, mate!! -Ray Flacke
                    "Breathing new life into great classics...making it sound so easy.Very Impressed!! 
                         -Fred Stuart, F.C.S., Master Builder

                   "If  Clarence White and Jimmy Olander could somehow [meld,...'Telecrafter']...would be the [result]...
                       fantastic work my friend!!" -Joe Cook, Nashville, TN
                  "Amazing stuff!! ...string bending at a whole new level." Robert Shafer, Charleston, WV

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$14.95 p.pd.
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